Mrs. Valentine's presentation was not only heartwarming, but motivational. She has a warm and sincere way of presenting her information that enrolls her audience. Awesome presenter!

Terry Matherne

I have had the privilege of hearing Merlyna Valentine speak on multiple occasions. She is a true inspiration as an educator and a human being. She has motivated me to work harder to connect to my students and always encourage them to be their best. She has encountered a tremendous obstacle in her life but she has continued to persevere. Her speeches transmit so much positivity and courage. She has such a gift. Merlyna inspires me to be a better human being.

Jan Lege

Merlyna Valentine provided a back to school inspirational presentation to our high school staff to gear us up for a new school year. However, meeting her, hearing her, and celebrating her journey with her in that hour was far more than was a life altering event for me. I have not entertained the notion one day since her visit to our campus that there was something I could not do, something I could not achieve. Every day of my life since then I say the words to myself and several others...EVERYDAY...don't tell me what you can't do, tell me what you CAN do...She is the Valentine in my world everyday...I have been transformed into a woman who knows all the possibilities, and can't is not in my vocabulary. What an honor and pure gift to know that my's Day!!!

Roxanne Quinn

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Merlyna Valentine Consulting is your one-stop-shop for all your consulting and motivating employee needs. 

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About Me


     Merlyna Mathieu Valentine’s heart beats with passion for living a purposeful life. As an educator for the past 30 years she has dedicated her life to making a difference in the lives of others. She received a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and a Master of Education in Educational Leadership. She is a member of numerous professional organizations.

     Ms. Valentine has been a teacher, assistant principal, principal and Executive Director of Elementary Schools for a high-performing school district. She has been recognized with numerous awards and commendations such as Teacher of the Year, Principal of the Year, and Louisiana Regional Principal of the Year. She has been featured in several articles and news stories at the local and national level including an article by the world famous Dr. Harry K. Wong. In honor of her story of survival, courage, and hope, Ms. Valentine was featured in a segment on the Today Show and in an article in Ebony Magazine.

     On August 17, 2007, Ms. Valentine was faced with a medical tragedy that has changed her life forever. She survived and lives life now as a quad amputee. Ms. Valentine has embraced this tragedy with an extremely positive attitude. She truly believes that this tragedy has allowed her to serve as an inspiration to all to never give up. She has found strength in knowing that ultimately her tragic story can motivate people to embrace change and live life to the fullest.

Merlyna Valentine Consulting is your one-stop-shop for all your consulting and motivating employee needs. Merlyna Valentine is a passionate and accomplished educator dedicated to developing dynamic leadership skills, enhancing employee effectiveness, and inspiring others! She has had the pleasure of presenting research-based professional learning seminars and motivational speeches to a variety of audiences. Along with her unique story and a dynamic personality, Merlyna Valentine engages audiences and delivers a powerful message. Please contact her today if you would like to motivate, educate and inspire your employees to exceed expectations!  

Most Requested Keynotes

  • "Building a Brighter Future"

  • "Each One...Reach One"

  • "Parents as Partners"

  • "We Are The Difference"

  • "Hello My Name Is Miracle"

  • "Building Relationships"

  • "Building a Positive Climate and Culture"

"Live Life ON PURPOSE "
"Great Leadership Matters Most"
"Change Chose Me ...Now What?"
"Living Life Without Limits"


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